reality-quest show «i-LABYRINTH» has no parallel, this:

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(Русский) ул. Семьи Хохловых, 8, м. Дорогожичи, м. Лукъяновская
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2 - 16 people
in the team


The labyrinth area
of 600 M²


Escape room in Krakow

Nowadays digging friends is always in search of a place where you can have a great weekend. After all, companies often go to cafes, movies or karaoke, but if you are tired of such monotonous trips, we offer you to visit the reality quest show “i-labyrinth”. This game is very similar to “Fort Boyard”, i.e. it is a reality quest, the intellectual nature of which attracts more and more people nowadays. Now in many cities of Poland, as well as in the city of Krakow, there are so many quests that sometimes just lost in the choice. For some quest mazes have become a real hobby, without which you can not imagine your weekend!

Labyrinth – it’s intricately and intersecting corridors, passages, dead ends. Quest room Krakow left Bank and beckons with its uncertainty, it will amaze your imagination and make you think about the solution of the problem. The mysterious path in complete darkness is always full of mysteries and mysteries. Thanks to this game, you will experience your endurance, strength and concentration on solving the puzzle. A journey through the maze quest is a real challenge for each of us! After all, remember that mobile phones, tablets and other gadgets you have to leave outside the room. All you can use is ingenuity, intelligence and logic. More than 600 square meters stretches unknown area, which must be dealt with. You will need to pass a test of restraint, intelligence and coherence of the team in the room with a mystical story. Players have only one hour to solve puzzles and riddles. Be ready for surprises and difficulties in the “quest maze” left Bank.

As a rule, the number of players in such a game varies from two to fifteen people. But when agreed with the administrator, you can increase the number of participants in the game and up to twenty people.

The first visit to the quest room is a very exciting and impressive event. The team to collect is not difficult, it is difficult to understand whether each of your team will be able to use their skills and abilities in a closed room to get out of it. You can use anything: geometry, chemistry or geography, which you passed in the fifth grade, the value of Roman numerals and their order. While someone is engaged in mental activity, the other should examine every inch of the room in search of clues. Absolutely everywhere can be hidden caches and clues, even where it seems they can not be. There are also tasks where one can not cope exactly. In the game “Labyrinth” can meet the difficulties and obstacles that can be overcome with the help of skill and thinking. Even the most sophisticated users can hit a variety of puzzles and tasks in the quest maze. So advice such-collect team-friends and book room right now on our site, where you can find different variations of quests, prices and conditions of participation!

Remember that after passing the escape room in Krakow, you can enjoy plenty of story photo shoot in the company of Shadows of the Maze. We are waiting for you in an unforgettable place reality quest show “i-labyrinth”, which will give you a lot of emotions and adventures!