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2 - 16 people
in the team


The labyrinth area
of 600 M²


Impression as a gift in Krakow

Birthday is an amazing day filled with joy, laughter and positive emotions. The day when I invite the family to celebrate such a notable date to remember for a lifetime! If you still do not know what is best to give, then a gift-an impression in the form of quests will be the perfect option! Quests-a unique chance to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday troubles. In the game’s quest rooms, It’s a great alternative to unnecessary, petty and typical gifts! After all, in the game you need not just to use physical activity, but also mental. Need to get out of the maze faster than your opponent. Mazes are divided into several types and they are organized both in the open area and in the closed pavilion. This allows you to carry out quests at any time of the year and in any weather. Quest games may seem like a particularly interesting option for large companies who want adventure and fun on the birthday of the birthday. You can give a gift-impression not only in Krakow, but also in the city of Kharkov. Quests to order is in Krakow and are not only for a couple of people, but also large companies, families, children (children’s quests), relatives. Quests like all: men, women, girls, boys, children, as it is unusual and exciting! Quests are a great option for an unforgettable gift and emotions. “I-labirynth” is a place where you will feel a whole lot of emotions and adrenaline rush. Hurry to order quest for a gift to impress!

Number of people who can take part in the game

Take part in the quest game can be a small group of people, consisting of 2-8 people, and large-from 8 to 16 participants. So this is the perfect option for a gift-experience!

Quest program “I-labyrinth” is wonderfully suitable not only for adult fans of labyrinths with puzzles, but also for curious children. Children’s quests are also designed for a large group of participants from eight to sixteen people. Our “Labyrinth” differs from the classic quest rooms in that we have the opportunity to participate in large teams of twelve, fifteen and even sixteen people, which is a great advantage.

Having been once in our innovative maze, you will like it so much that you will definitely come back to us again! We regularly pass quests as a couple, and a large company, and then remain very happy. Quest is not just a gift, it is strong emotions and impressions that you will remember for a lifetime.

Escape room prices in Krakow

The cost of quests that take place in the” Maze ” depends on the number of participants. Quests are available for everyone entertainment, which is clearly worth it. The price of the quest for four people is 179 PLN, and for each new participant the cost will be 35 PLN. You can choose the most suitable option for a gift experience. We would like to note that on the day of the birth of the game we have a 10% discount and it is a great option for celebrating a big company.

What rules should be followed during the game?

It is not recommended to drink alcohol directly during the game (in the maze). And also it is not recommended to visit the quest room in a drunken state, because it significantly slows down the whole process of the game and your orientation in space. As a result, you will not be able to enjoy the quest to the full, and your opponents will beat you.

Not visited the labyrinth encourages individuals with claustrophobia (fear of confined/small spaces), achluophobia (fear of darkness), as well as diseases of the cardiovascular system.

What is special about escape room?

The room-labyrinth is equipped with modern equipment, technologies, special effects that create the illusion of reality, and you will not even come to mind, during the game, that it’s all artificial, fake. You will come to pass the maze and a good show of wit, the ability to navigate in unfamiliar terrain, and you can even try yourself as a leader, becoming the main team. The labyrinth from which you have to get out is a closed pavilion of 600 square meters. The essence of the quest is that you and your team are in complete darkness, and the task — to get out of the maze faster than your opponents. From the lighting you will have only a pocket flashlight.

How to order an unforgettable quest in the maze for a large company?

You can order the most unusual in Krakow on our website “i-LABYRINTH” online or by phone:

Address: Krakow city, ul. Dolnych Mlynów 10, 2nd floor