reality-quest show «i-LABYRINTH» has no parallel, this:

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2 - 16 people
in the team


The labyrinth area
of 600 M²


Escape room video

Quests – this is the original version, to escape from everyday stress and different worries. Games in the quest rooms-it’s a great alternative to boring gatherings in a cafe or going to the movies, quests – it’s something more. In the game you need not only to use physical activity, but also mental. After all, you need to get out of the maze faster than your opponent. Mazes are different: in the open area and in a closed pavilion, which allows you to carry out quests at any time of the year and in any weather. Horror escape room is a modern style in the art, and is designed to scare the player, to awaken in him a sense of excitement, anxiety, fear, create a tense atmosphere of horror or agonizing waiting for something very terrible. In this genre apply the phenomenon of oppressive invisibility and uncertainty, the so-called phenomenon of suspense. Quest-a game in which you have a certain time to perform the data you set sooner than it will make your opponent. Thus, horror quest-a game that aims to perform the same tasks as in the usual classic quest, but only in the corresponding horrific environment. The main goal of horror quest-to cause the player a sense of fear and uncertainty. On the Internet, you can view a lot of videos, which shoot as real teams pass quests, find a way out of the room.

You can not only go through the horror quest at home on your PC or on Android, but also to view the real video from the quest. All you need is to download the game through torrent horror quest and start unknown adventures. Computer games are already more common than real quest rooms. Therefore, this game can be easily downloaded for free on the Internet. To feel more realistic game or for a group game with friends in the network can be held horror quests online. To choose for yourself on the Internet, for example, the most interesting or the most terrible horror quest, you can view video quests, read reviews on the Internet. Of course this computer game horror quests will not replace your stay in the horror escape room.

Quest feature

The room-labyrinth is furnished with modern equipment and technologies, which create the illusion of reality. Everything is so natural that you do not even come to mind, during the passage of the game, that it’s all artificial, fake. You will need to go through the maze and a good show of wit, the ability to navigate in unfamiliar terrain, and even will be able to try himself as a leader, becoming the main team. The labyrinth from which you have to get out is a closed pavilion of 600 square meters. The essence of the quest is that you and your team are in complete darkness, and the task — to get out of the maze faster than your opponents. From the lighting you will have only a pocket flashlight.

The capacity of the quest rooms. How many people can participate?

Team players of the quest can be both small (2-8 people) and large (8-16 people). This is an ideal option for a gift to a friend or a loved one. Quest program “i-LABYRINTH” is wonderfully suitable not only for adult fans of labyrinths with puzzles, but also for curious children. Children’s quests are also designed for a large group of participants from eight to sixteen people. Our “Labyrinth” differs from the classic quest rooms in that we have the opportunity to participate in large teams of twelve, fifteen and even sixteen people, which is a great advantage. Having been once in our innovative maze, you will like it so much that you will definitely come back to us again! We regularly pass quests as a couple, and a large company, and then remain very happy. Quest is not just a gift, it is strong emotions and impressions that you will remember for a lifetime.

What are the prices for escape rooms in Krakow?

Prices for quests that take place in the” Maze ” depend on the number of participants. Quests are relatively inexpensive entertainment, which is clearly worth it. The cost of the quest for four people is 179 PLN, and for each new cost will be 35 PLN. On the day of birth on the game we have a 10% discount and it’s a great option for a big company to celebrate. Hurry up to order a quest at a discount!
Horror escape rooms in the “Labyrinth” you can visit with friends or colleagues, pre-book a room on our website via the Internet. You can even hold a corporate party in our quest room, which greatly diversifies your everyday life. A shared sense of danger will help you get to know each other better.

How to complete the game and leave the room? Recommendations for passage

It is not advised to visit the labyrinth to people who suffer from claustrophobia (fear of confined/small spaces), achluophobia (fear of the dark) and diseases of the cardiovascular system. We also advise you to refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages, as it is significantly harm the process of passing the maze. After all, in a state of intoxication, you will be disoriented in space, due to which you will not be able to bypass the opposing team and enjoy the game.

Where can you order the best escape room in Krakow?

You can order the most unusual in Krakow on our website “i-LABYRINTH” online or by phone:

Address: Krakow city, ul. Dolnych Mlynów 10, 2nd floor