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2 - 16 people
in the team


The labyrinth area
of 600 M²


Escape room on the left Bank of Krakow

Quest is an adventure that is one of the main genres of computer games, which is an interactive story management, which occurs with the help of players. Quest rooms-is a very popular entertainment that is gaining momentum not only in the virtual world online, but also in reality in a specially equipped rooms. Quest room in Krakow on the left Bank is a place where people get a lot of unforgettable impressions and emotions. Exciting quests are held in” i-LABYRINTH ” — this is a completely new and unique place where you will feel all the most necessary feelings: fear, interest, fun, excitement, taste of victory. You can order the maze for free on our official website online using the Internet and pay directly on the spot. Don’t waste your time and come to the quest room with your friends soon!

Why do you need quests?

Escape room – is the best alternative to boring corporate parties, picnics, going to the movies. The room-labyrinth is equipped with modern equipment and technologies that create the illusion of reality, and you will not even think that it is all artificial, fake. You will need to show their ingenuity, the ability to navigate in unfamiliar terrain, you can even try yourself in the role of leader, becoming the main team. Quest room is located in Krakow on the left Bank with a very convenient transport interchange and location. If you still do not know what to do and spend time unforgettable, then hurry to “i-LABYRINTH” and try your hand!

Game stories can be very different, but one thing is clear: it is always so interesting that literally takes your breath away and allows you to experience the fabulous feeling “on the verge”. If it is a holiday, it will be remembered for a long time and you will want to repeat it. In order to cheer yourself up, you can hardly find something better than this quest in the maze. It is also important to note that it is also almost the perfect tool for strengthening working relationships in the team. Everyone knows the effect of synergy, which is achieved only in a perfectly cohesive team. That is why i-LABYRINTH will be a great way to turn colleagues or subordinates into a working team that can handle any difficulties. Quest room becomes a kind of springboard for psychological improvement and development of certain important qualities. Depending on the tasks, it is possible to play a variety of subjects. But, what would not have fallen choice, the effect will be definitely amazing and try once in the future will want to repeat the adventure.

What to do to find a way out of the room? Recommendations for passage

First of all, we recommend you to refrain from drinking alcohol, because it can significantly harm the process of passing the maze. After all, in a state of intoxication, you will be disoriented in space, due to which you will not be able to bypass the opposing team and enjoy the game. Not recommend you also visit the maze of people who suffer from claustrophobia (fear of confined/small spaces), achluophobia (fear of the dark) and diseases of the cardiovascular system. All you need to win is teamwork, logical thinking, savvy and speed! Good luck!

How many people can participate in the quest game?

Teams in the game can consist of a mini-group of people (2-8 people), and of large, which is charged from 8 to 16 participants. Show program of quest games in “i-LABYRINTH” is perfect not only for adults who like smart games, but also for curious children prone to logical thinking. Children’s quests are also held in the maze and are designed for a large group of participants from eight to sixteen people. Our “Labyrinth” differs from the classic quest rooms in that we have the opportunity to participate in large teams of twelve, fifteen and even sixteen people, which is a great advantage.

Prices escape rooms in Kiev

The cost of the game, which take place in the maze, depends on the number of participants. Games in the quest rooms-quite inexpensive fun, and clearly worth the money. The price of the game in the maze for four people is 1200 UA, and for each new cost will be 250 UA. On the day of birth on the game we have a 10% discount and it’s a great option for a big company to celebrate. Hurry up to arrange an unforgettable, full of emotions day! Therefore, this game can be easily downloaded for free on the Internet. To feel more realistic game or for a group game with friends in the network can be held horror quests online. To choose for yourself on the Internet, for example, the most interesting or the most terrible horror quest, you can view video quests, read reviews on the Internet. Of course this computer game horror quests will not replace Your stay in the horror quest room.
If you are fans of real horror and mysticism, want to experience a real sense of fear and plunge into the real world of horror, you just need to visit the horror quest room. Horror quest rooms are becoming more and more relevant and original entertainment for young people. After all, here you can not only have a pleasant and unforgettable time, but also to get the necessary share of adrenaline.

And how do you spend your free time? How do you have fun with your friends? You can certainly go to the movies, sit in a cafe, walk in the Park, but such entertainment have little chance to give you the necessary energy and add adrenaline to Your already possibly boring, monotonous life. Today’s young people choose a new kind of entertainment, the passage of horror quest “Labyrinth” will add new sensations, fear throughout the game will not leave you, a sense of danger and uncertainty will haunt you.

Horror quest “Labyrinth” You can visit with friends or colleagues, pre-book a room on our website on the Internet. Or hold a corporate party in our quest room. A shared sense of danger will help you get to know each other with your friends or colleagues. At the moment when you will need to perform any task, which in this game will depend on a lot, believe me, you do not think about what ever treated badly to Your teammate or just to a friend. And perhaps by the end of the game you will have become good friends.
If you are a true connoisseur of fantastic movies, horror movies, mystics or computer games in this genre. Horror quest will be to your taste and will surprise you with a variety of their stories. In each quest you will be able to get new inexplicable feelings. You will be able to become the main character of a terrible movie during the passage of this quest. And thanks to the stunning scenarios, special effects and modern computer technology you will plunge into the real world of horror and everything that happens will seem to you a reality.

Having passed the horror quest you will be able to defeat any psychological barriers. You will be able to overcome your fears and doubts, develop your leadership skills, learn to work in a team, test yourself on stress resistance.

Horror quest “Labyrinth” is the best horror quest in Poland. Only after visiting us you will be able to verify this. Details about horror quest “Labyrinth” you can find on our website Oh? Our horror quest rooms you can find in Krakow. Here you will pass the real adventure and feel the real danger, no computer game or movie in the horror style will not replace you with these emotions.

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